Since the 7th of October of 2010 Drowned In Salt; project based in Lanús, Buenos Aires, Argentina; went into a catharsis that started to bloom after F. Runa bought his first acoustic guitar.

Drowned In Salt evolved from it’s previous forms (2003-2009) and mostly plays neofolk with a minimalistic set of chords and notes, inspired by Heathenry and traditional lore (with a twist).

After a long hiatus since 2010 (and showing up in some V/As) DiS is back from the dead in 2017 with a comeback LP.

The goal of this project is to trascend the domestic spaces with not much effort (don’t sacrifice your cup of tea) and the reason for that nonchalant attitude is this brief code:

Do whatever you want to do, whenever & however… hurry up & don’t expect any rewards. This world’s about to end anyways & there is no light at the end of the road.